A Day For Doctors

Busy, busy week in Brizland. 1st grade starts on Thursday. Kindergarten the following Monday. There are football practices, school open houses, and meeting with school nurses before either of those start dates. Kicking everything off though were some doctors appointments and a haircut. 

First up – Monday 7:45am, our follow up appointment with Dr. Kamboj and Nationwide Childrens for Preston’s Type 1 Diabetes. This was the first time we’ve seen Dr. Kamboj since the initial diagnosis in February. The early appointment had everyone up much earlier than usual, but even with the downtown rush hour, we arrived on time. Preston can essentially get to the office himself, a fact that is equally sad and proud. We speak to the nurse before Dr. Kamboj comes in. Preston’s A1C is 7.1, down from 8.9, a very good number that we believe has a lot to do with the OmniPod pump we’ve been using for a few weeks. 

Dr. Kamboj is happy, and empowers us to aim for even tighter control. We are lucky enough to have what appears to be very good insurance coverage and since we have a CGM and pump, we can get more control over his blood sugar. We adjust all the settings with the Doctor’s guidance and are sent on our way. 

Next is a regularly scheduled dentist appointment. This appointment will be the last with our Doctor as he is retiring after 35 years. The check ups and cleanings for Matt, Parker, and Preston all go smooth. The boys are getting some loose teeth, and everyone should floss more. 

The last appointment was for the hair doctor. Just some basic trims for the boys so those first day of school FaceBook postings can be on point. 

Busy. Busy. Busy.

healthy clinic doctor health
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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