COVID Blog Season 2 – Day 1 with the Mirror

Our recent “at-home-gym” arrived yesterday. The Mirror is an actual mirror with a variety of class types. It’s small footprint and variety of workouts appealed to us more than the Peloton or other at-home workout devices that are now essential due to the never ending pandemic.

After the purchase our accounts were active and we had access to the live and recoded workout classes from our iPhones or iPads, but today was the first day we completed our workouts with the Mirror.

My weight is up about 10 pounds from the start of COVID. Not horrible given the amount of bad food and additional alcohol consumption. However, at the start of COVID I was probably about 5-10 pounds up from where I would have liked to be.

So, we will see how this goes. My hope is this documentation effort will increase workout frequency and help with making smart food choices.

This morning, after Natalie was finished with her workout, I got in front of the mirror and selected my workout from my iPhone.


On the screen you get a timer, the trainer, heart rate information, and a list of other Mirror users. Whether that list is a LIVE list or just a list of everyone who has taken this specific class, I am not sure. I assume in live classes, which are an option, the list would be of everyone in the live class. 

After 29 minutes with Armond I had burned approximately 400 calories. 


Day 1 is in the books and I am deeming it a success. 



  1. This is amazing. Bee. Trying to figure out how to bring the gym into my small apartment as public gym with covid around won’t be worth the risk. Had to stop stress eating at night , & so more walking . Stay safe.


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