Mirror Day 2 – Two Things

The second day of using The Mirror has revealed two things that may, or may not, be issues for other customers.

First though, an update on the workout I completed this morning. It was a Competition style workout that added the concept of points and attempting to beat your previous self. My assumption is that since was my first competition workout I was setting a baseline that will be used in subsequent workouts.

Today Chris took my through 30 minutes of a CARDIO + STRENGTH class that used bodyweight movements and (1) ‘heavy’ kettlebell.

The workout yielded 473 burned calories, and a Total Score of 5748. I will have to see how the 5748 impacts a different competition workout.

Now, about the things. I use my iPhone to select and start a Mirror Workout. I use my Apple Watch as the heart rate monitor. Apple Watch is compatible for this tracking, Fitbit is not, at the moment. When Natalie is using the Mirror, she is using the Mirror HeartRate monitor, and her Fitbit….more on that in a minute.

Back to me and Apple. So the watch tracks my heart rate which is visible on the Mirror. Everything works to calculate my calorie burn and exercise minutes. This data is then synchronized to the Apple Activity, soon to be named Fitness, App.

The one piece that is missing, is Mirror being recognized as a Workout. Other apps, in addition to tracking minutes and activity log a workout. It’s a small thing, but it keeps Activity from showing full picture. The amount of workouts in a month & the time spent are not accurate.

Thing # 2 comes from Natalie’s workouts and her Fitbit. Since Fitbit is not integrated as a heart rate monitor she is using the Mirror Heart Rate monitor as well as her Fitbit. Now, the actual heart rates are almost identical, which is great. The issue here is that Mirror is calculating a higher calorie burn. Approximately 40 more on Monday, but a full 100 more today. All other details, weight, age, etc are the same in the Fitbit and Mirror App. Not sure about that at all.

Neither issues are a deal breaker, mine is mostly an annoyance I hope will be remedied through software at some point. Natalie said she will just use the lower calorie burn in her daily tracking.

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