MIRROR Competition Workout #2

Back on July 1, I completed my first competition workout on the MIRROR.

That day I earned 5748 points and burned 473 calories. I liked the workout and the competition point tracking piece. My assumption was that the MIRROR would use this as a baseline for this workout type going forward.

I fired up the same workout to see what, if anything, the MIRROR would do.

My goal was 7557 points.

After finishing the workout, burning 481 calories, and earning 5905 points, I assumed that I had not beaten my first attempt. 5905 is kind of far off from 7557.

Looking back though, I did beat my score. In both points and calorie burn.

I am not sure where the 7557 goal came from, and why MIRROR doesn’t indicate that I had in fact bettered my score.

Maybe in future updates.

Another update from that July 1 post, MIRROR workouts now do show up as workouts in Apple Activity. So it’s a safe assumption that things will evolve with software updates and Lululemon’s deepening investment.

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